Ranita Renne

Over the Next few weeks froggie started to get more and more comfortable with me grabbing her and the feeding on my hand with the oatmeal also grew to about once a week. One day we had a guest over my moms friend and her son we were playing tag and all of the sudden he shouted FROG! I imidiatelly ran over. I grabbed the little fellow ,not knowing if it was a girl or not. This frog was about three times the size of froggie but since we didn’t have any other habitats we just set the frog next to her. Then I checked to see if the new frog was a female or male.

1.Does it have large thumbs

2.Does it croak at night 

3.Does it make a short high pitched croak when caught by surprise 

The answer to number one yes, number two also yes, and finally three no. When I finished conducting my experiment I realized my new frog was a male and had to be kept separate from froggie because I didn’t want any tadpoles. So we went back to Petco and bought all the supplies we needed last time ,but this time a new habitat and some more crickets as well. Soon after Ranita Renne became to big and expensive as well, so we decided to set her free once again. I was heart broken I really did consider my frogs as my own children not just as pets. That day was the last day I saw Ranita Renne or so I thought.



All About Me, Why I am Writing This website, and What it is About

Hi, My name is Fiona. I am a thirteen-year-old girl who is in seventh grade. My favorite color is pink, and I absolutely ADORE sweets. The reason i am writing this blog or website is because I also LOVE frogs, but I am not writing this for only that reason. I am also writing this as a sort of beginners site, so I can learn in order to make a more sufficient website in the future. I want to be some sort of earth scientist like geophysicists, a paleontologist, or a mineralogist. For this, i am going to write a website later for right now I want to let all of you. In to the secrets or parenting a frog, or my life.

My First Frog

It was a really warm and sunny summer day with a bit of moist in the air. My Dad and I were watering the garden when we saw movement near us. We got curious and sprayed some more water in the area of the movement. Suddenly it jumped! A tiny brown frog with golden eyes sat staring up at us with fright while we stared down at it in amazement. My dad caught it, and we put it in the mini caterpillar habitat we had bought. Catching caterpillars were my weird hobby at the time. Immediately my dad said we had to feed it, so he had the brilliant idea of putting honey on a stick and wait for a while. When we came back out to check on our honey stick, it was full of ants! My dad put the stick in the frog’s habitat and told me to leave it outside until we finished lunch so there wouldn’t be any ants in the house. After lunch we went to Petco and told them all about the frog then they told us all we needed to know. They told us the frog needed a place to climb so a log would be needed, a rock for it to rest, along with a small bowl to drink from, and moss. When we showed the employee a picture of the frog he told us, it was a female. I decided to name her Froggie. When we got home with the bowl, box of moss and crickets, we set straight to work. My sister found a flat-ish rock in the backyard and a small log for the habitat. When we finished, we placed Froggie in her new home. Soon we noticed she never climbed and preferred to stay low on the ground. After about a week of constantly observing her, we found out that she had a defective leg so she could not climb and rally hop. One day we decided to see if she liked any other food. We went to Petco and found “frog oatmeal”. as soon as we arrived home I set to work on my task ahead. To my surprise, it wasn’t hard at all, but it was a pretty shocking experience in the end. I had served some on my hand and the moment my hand was low enough into the habitat Froggie jumped onto my hand and ate the entire oatmeal. From that day on Froggie always loved to be on my hand and eat her oatmeal there too.